Search privately online with a decentralized search engine and earn Crypto $PRE

Blockchain technology and decentralization are enablers for change in many ways, notably in the area of how our data is collected and used online by big technology companies. Our data is valuable and some say more than oil! The more data big tech companies can gather, and the better quality it is, the more valuable that data becomes.

The next version of the web may well look very different, potentially seeing a reversal of how our data is collected and used, shared and sold. Specifically, we are likely to have greater control from a technical perspective above and beyond that of privacy requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The consumer will be rewarded/paid for providing their data if they wish, and what data they wish to provide and for the purpose. This brings about the change that the source of the data the consumers are being rewarded rather than those that collect it from us.

We’re going to cover more of these specific Crypto earning opportunities in future posts. This will concentrate on being rewarded when you search online and we’re going to make it short, sweet and simple!


Where can I earn Crypto when I search online?

Let us introduce you to a search engine called Presearch. At a very high level, it’s a search engine, but so much more with the mechanics behind it making it very different to the common search engine providers.

The technology being employed is blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency, and to reward the users who contribute and build the search engine enabling user control over data and privacy. Presearch already have impressive numbers of users who are already earning the reward Crypto known as PRE – 2.3 million registered users and 1 million searches per day [Source]

There are various offerings from Presearch for both users and those that wish to advertise, in this post we are going to concentrate on the earning opportunity which rewards users for searching in the Cryptocurrency $PRE

How do I get paid for searching?

This is very simple to start earning, head over to Presearch and signup. That’s pretty much all you have to do, to perform your search and start earning you can visit their main page or add their plugin to your browser.

Currently, you will be rewarded for 30 searches per day providing .10 $PRE per search. This gives you an earning opportunity of 3 $PRE currently however the reward per search is likely to reduce the higher the value of $PRE increases.

Once you log in, at the top right of the site page you will be shown your total earnings so far, in this example, you can see that 10.70 $PRE has been earned. Click on the total which will provide further information regarding how many searches you have performed that you have been rewarded for. The reward for each search and how much you can earn on. (TCG)


The price of $PRE has recently rallied on the news that Android will add Presearch as a default search engine option on all their devices in Europe.

The ecosystem of Presearch deserves separate detailed posts which will follow including the plugin and running a node. This post focused only on the reward aspect of performing searches which really is quite straightforward to start earning with.

We will also cover running a PRE node however currently the reward from staking the minimum amount to a node does not earn more than using the search engine daily.

So much more is to come from Presearch in 2021 including Opensea search, web3 token withdrawal and a new search UI to name a few!