QT Wallet – Command Cheat Sheet

This is a collection of common commands often used when working with a QT wallet, to create, start and manage master nodes.

The purpose of this cheat sheet is to act as a go-to for QT wallet commands in general, it does not serve to be specific to any particular master node type. You should always refer to the node guide for specific commands which may be required.

The following commands are executed in debug console which is normally accessed > Tools > Debug Console


getnewaddress The command can be run within debug to provide the address to send collateral to

Masternode Registration & Management

masternode ouputsThis command will provide you with the collateral hash and the collateral index
masternode genkeyWill generate a new masternodepriv key
masternode list-confProvides information regarding the configured master node from masternode.conf provides alias, address, privateKey, txHash, outputIndex and status

Wallet Sync Status

getblockcountDisplays the block height
getblockchaininfoDisplays various information regarding the chain including chain, blocks headers etc

General Wallet Commands

getbalanceProvides a balance of the wallet
getwalletinfoOverview of wallet info including version, balance and transmit counts etc
helpFurther information on the complete commands available and how to execute them for the given wallet


addnode "node" "add|remove|onetry"To add or remove a node from the add node list.
Onetry will attempt connection to a node once.
clearbannedTo clear all banned IP’s
disconnectnode "node"Will immediately close connection with the detailed node
getaddednodeinfo dns "node"Returns information about the given added node,
or all added nodes (note that onetry addnodes are not listed here)
If DNS is false, only a list of added nodes will be 
provided, otherwise, connected information 
will also be available
getconnectioncountReturns the number of connections to other nodes
getnettotalsReturns information about network traffic, including
bytes in, bytes out, and current time
getnetworkinfoReturns an object containing various state info 
regarding P2P networking
getpeerinfoReturns data about each connected network node as a 
JSON array of objects
listbannedList all banned IPs/Subnets
pingRequests that ping is sent to all nodes
setban "ip(/netmask)" "add|remove" (bantime) (absolute)Attempts add or remove a IP/Subnet from the 
banned list