Perform Micro Tasks and Earn Crypto

A few years ago, it was hard to convince people why owning crypto assets was something good. However, as cryptocurrency advances towards the mainstream, many people are realizing the need and desire to own digital assets.

More people are increasingly working to own Crypto through various methods as those described on our ‘Earn Crypto’ page. While buying, mining, and selling goods & services in exchange for crypto may be the most direct and easiest way to own a digital asset, other methods are not obvious. One of those methods is through performing microtasks.

What is a Micro Task?

A Micro Task is a small assignment or job that you can complete in a short time. In many cases, a micro-task website will allow users to complete quick tasks and get paid in crypto. You can do different kinds of jobs as part of micro-tasks, including writing, editing, viewing ads, watching videos, sharing social media posts, testing software, filling surveys, and many more. 

In this arrangement, the more tasks you perform, the higher your reward in the form of crypto assets.

Although micro tasks don’t earn huge pay, consistency is key to earning a cumulative return from platforms that offer this service. When such earnings are combined with other sources, you can have some substantial income in the end.

Where can I perform Micro Tasks?

There are many places in which you can perform and earn Crypto through microtasks. A simple Google search will reveal many of the available sites where you can earn! Below are two examples that we have picked.


We previously posted about Publish0x which you can read here. This site rewards users not just for writing but also for reading and tipping the content reader. Check out our post or head straight over to Publish0x now! (TCG)


One site which is definitely in the category of ‘Micro Tasks’ is Timebucks.

Here you will be rewarded for performing tasks such as taking surveys, posting on social media, watching videos, or clicking ads are just some examples. When you meet the required minimum payout, you can opt to be paid in Bitcoin (BTC) (TCG)


In summary, micro tasks are maybe one of the easiest ways you can earn crypto assets such as Bitcoin. The process neither requires heavy involvement nor monetary involvement.

Some tasks could be part of your everyday hobby and if you have some spare time to complete these tasks the amount you earn will soon add up.