NFTs – The Journey Collection

The Journey Collection Intro:

Let us present to you NFT Journey Collection

The Journey collection consists of NFTs that will be released over an indefinite period. The purpose of each NFT is to mark significant achievements and milestones in the journey of Most notably the services developed, and used by you!

The Journey NFTs provide unique art that will mark a milestone. While the site and services to be offered are currently part of a secret roadmap. Our journey has begun and the cogs are turning!

In addition to marking key milestones, NFTs serve the purpose of rewarding those that are directly supporting the evolution of This support can take many forms from development, research, consultancy, or social advocacy. We recognize that our success will largely come from the community that we build. NFTs are a great way to show appreciation and our recognition of you.

NFT Marketplace & Blockchain

The Journey collection will be available on OpenSea – you can view the collection here. All NFTs are minted onto the Polygon blockchain. (TCG)-NFTs

NFT Allocation

We will limit the number of available NFTs for each release. We will update this post to provide information on the allocation of gifted NFTs versus those available for public sale for each NFT.

Most releases, particularly the early drops, will be minted in limited quantities of 101. This approach ensures recognition and alignment with our earlier content published on the site. Moreover, it provides a continuation of the basic Crypto knowledge posts contained within 101’s.

If you’re not sure what an NFT is and how it works, this is a great time to tell you about our previous post: What is an NFT and how do they work? – 101 < see what we did there?

NFT Value & Utility

The future value of NFTs is influenced by several factors, including utility, scarcity, supply, and speculation. One significant factor that plays a crucial role in the success of By purchasing the NFTs early on, you can actively support the development of the services that will be offered.

Not only do we hope that you enjoy our associated NFTs, but we also actively encourage you to contribute to our success by raising awareness of By doing so, we can foster a thriving community around our brand and offerings.

While no general utility has been determined yet, those holding certain NFTs and early adopters may anticipate future rewards through the development of upcoming services. For comprehensive information on the utility of each NFT, we encourage you to review the specific details provided for each individual NFT.

In the future, a certain allocation of sales will be given to charity which will be announced and updated in this post.

Journey Begin

#1: The First Mint

A little take on the meaning of a ‘First Edition’ rare book, the first printed book in a collection. Well, books are old school… to publish an NFT we don’t publish at the printers, we Mint onto the blockchain! Here we have the ‘The First Mint’ the first NFT minted by TheCryptoGarge with an allocation available to purchase by the public.

The First Mint – Available on OpenSea (TCG) NFT

Marking the start of our journey, several years before became a website, is where the name originated.

The days of mining in the garage, the good times of mining with crazy electric bills, a garage hot enough to bake a cake in. Memorable moments in the early days which many can relate to. Our journey in Crypto started in the garage, mining. This brings us to how we come to the name ‘TheCryptoGarage’ The garage is presented in the style of a garage with a metaverse feel.

Allocation: Total 101

Gifted to current garage members and held for future members X 10

Released as giveaways X 10 – Completed

Gifted for notable support to X 10

Available for purchase X 71

#2 #NodeLife (TCG) NFT

#NodeLife NFT celebrates the launch of the first node listing page. This is the back of the garage which has seen graffiti sprayed on the wall. It’s graffiti with a digital twist!

#NodeLife – Available on OpenSea

The second NFT in the Journey collection and we start to pick up the pace. The node page is a milestone achievement on our roadmap with many more ideas and functionality to come! Only the hashtag provides potential association to the likely suspects, no tags, and it’s anonymous. It’s not vandalism it’s modern graffiti with a digital twist! #NodeLife

Allocation: Total 101

Gifted to current garage members and held for future members X 5

Released as giveaways X 10

Gifted for notable support to the X 5

Available for purchase X 81

#3 ‘Party @ the G’

Please be aware that the collection has been updated on OpenSea and the new collection URL is:

Gears, Grime, & Glitter – Celebrate TheCryptoGarage’s Launch Party (NFT)

The lights flash, the music pumps, and history is made. This NFT immortalizes the “Launch Party Legends,” the early adopters who fueled the launch of a brand-new site with their passion and support. You are the code whisperers, the bug tamers, the driving force behind the tweaks and the features!

Claim your Place in the Launch Party Hall of Fame.

Allocation: Total 101

Rewarded to early adopters and providing feedback to shape the future of TheCryptoGarage X 70

Released as giveaways X 2

Gifted for notable support to the X 5

Available for purchase X 24