Learn & Earn Crypto

What is Learn & Earn?

The term ‘Learn & Earn’ is used in cryptocurrency for rewarding users after the successful completion of learning. This often comes in the form of watching some short videos followed by a quiz, based upon a particular type of cryptocurrency or the technology behind it.

This is a really simple way of boosting your holdings in Crypto. What’s more, you will receive it for free and with a minimal amount of effort and time. You are not limited or constrained to keep the earnings in the currency in which it was awarded, for example, if you received a particular altcoin you could then swap this to Bitcoin (BTC) or something of your choice.

Take into account that the Crypto is free, this may give you a very great option to diversify your crypto portfolio. Whilst also increasing your potential future earnings.

What can I earn?

This very much depends on which type of Earn & Learn programmes are currently available at the time and the value of each one. For example at the time of writing this article, Coinbase has five Learn and Earn options available which total $34.

These programmes are only offered for a limited period and new ones become available from time to time.

Often your’e rewarded in the cryptocurrency you’re learning, for example, if you’re learning about the TheGraph (GRT) through Coinbase, they will reward you with $3 of GRT currency.

After successfully completing the earn and learn, the value is placed in your wallet.

Where do I earn?

We have two recommendations for learn and earn offerings currently, both of which are offered by reputable exchanges. These are detailed below including the requirements of each and some further key detail. For further places on where to earn crypto through learning please visit our earn page.

coinbase-earn-learn-crypto-logo-TheCryptoGarage.com (TCG)


Offered directly through their own exchange. Sign up and complete the identity and photo verification, and you will be eligible to partake in Learn and Earn. You must reside in one of the eligible countries in order to partake.

Once this is complete, you can gain access under the ‘Earn Rewards’ area within CoinBase.


Available on the CoinMarketCap site, however, you’re required to have a verified Binance account in order to receive your earning. CoinMarketCap is the same process of watching short videos and then taking a quiz. However, their reward programme is a little different in that there is only a limited amount of crypto available. Therefore this is allocated on a first come first served basis and distributed on a set date.

coinmarketcap-earn-learn-crypto-logo-TheCryptoGarage.com (TCG)

You will need to have a CoinMarketCap account and a verified Binance account in order to be eligible.

You can check the status of each earn by visiting the ‘Token Distribution Status’

This will inform you when the reward was paid, and if you were included in the distribution.

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Earnathon is a platform specifically designed to teach people about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, allowing them to earn as they learn.


A modern-day challenger bank that offers various services including the purchase and holding of Crypto within the banking app. Revolut has started to offer Crypto Learn & Earn.

revolut-earn-learn-crypto-TheCryptoGarage.com (TCG)


We previously provided answers to the quizzes, this has now been discontinued and we no longer support this. You can however use Google or Preserch (even better, as you earn again for searching) to help with questions.

There are also a number of Youtube videos that can help you. Just search the Learn and Earn you are on and it’s likely someone is already talking about it.


Learn and Earn is a great way to increase your crypto holdings and also an opportunity for you to diversify your holdings. We recommend that you take part in CoinMarketCap at the earliest opportunity to avoid missing out!

Further to the eligibility criteria detailed above. Make sure you actually watch the videos and do not jump straight to the quiz as this may prevent you from receiving earnings.