How to check your Presearch NFT rewards, claim, mint and view them.

Quick Links/References

Limited Edition Presearch Hardware Nodes and NFTs – Announcement of Node Operator NFTs

Presearch ‘Road to Mainnet’ NFTs – Announcement of NFTs by Presearch on 31 Dec 2021

First Presearch NFT drop breakdown – Additional information and criteria on 10 Jan 2022


This guide provides the steps to check if you have been rewarded NFTs from Presearch. Claim and mint them including how to view them.

Presearch provided the detail shown below, on 31st Dec 2021 (TCG)

Presearch awarded node operators and community members NFTs, with snapshots taken for those that qualify based upon the criteria announced here.

Before this, you had to provide an ETH-compatible Web 3.0 wallet address. The next step is to check for any NFT rewards, claim them, mint and view them.

Check for any NFT rewards and mint them!

Follow the link below to check if you have any rewards.

  1. Connect your wallet, ensure the wallet address you provided as the criteria previous to the snapshot is correct and press connect.

NFTs rewarded will show up as shown below. (TCG)

2. Next click on it to Mint it, as it mentions below each NFT (Click to mint)

3. At this stage, you may need to swap networks. We used MetaMask for our claim and minting process, so we allowed network swapping within MetaMask. if you’re using a different wallet you may need to check if have the Polygon network added and activated.

4. The process is as easy as that, and you will receive a confirmation that your NFT is now being minted. You have successfully claimed and minted your NFT.

How to view your Presearch NFTs

The below steps assume you are using a MetaMask wallet, however, every wallet will take the same approach to view your NFT.

Now that your NFT is minted to your wallet address, let’s head over to Opensea the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace.

  1. Login to OpenSea and select MetaMask as the login
  2. Authorise in MetaMask
  3. View your Presearch NFT *make sure to check your Hidden as per the below image. (TCG)