Getting to Know Apprentice Justin!

Hi everyone, I’m Justin, an apprentice of The Crypto Garage. Many of you follow The Crypto Garage, and I’m humbled to be able to share my journey from a complete beginner in Crypto with all of you. Since this is my first post as an apprentice, I’m going to introduce myself briefly. Explain what exactly an apprentice of The Crypto Garage is and what this series will cover. (TCG)

As I said, my name is Justin. What you don’t know yet is that I’m 40 years old, Married and we have a 2-year-old son. I’ve always been dabbling with different areas of the web. Over the years I gained experience in various areas. Researching and developing domain names, selling digital products and services, writing, SEO, and everything else I needed to learn in between.

My Introduction to Cryptocurrency

I’ll admit that I have been aware of Cryptocurrency, actually Bitcoin since 2011-12. I had a popular freelance recycling business on social media and locally. The county supervisor hired me to increase their profits with better sorting measures and split any increase with me. Anyway, one day this kid that was “volunteering” (he got in trouble lol). I was talking about computers and he told me that he had found this cool new coin that he said everyone online was saying would be something to hang onto. He was being rewarded Bitcoin just for signing up for emails and doing offers and stuff. He told me he had already collected 16 of them and I should look into it… 16 Bitcoin is currently worth $700k at the time of this writing. I’m sure he didn’t stop at 16 of them.

I didn’t remember until a few days later, I read a little about it. My mind was so busy I didn’t have time to collect digital coins, I was collecting garbage can loads of copper wire and computer parts! It’s another one of those “I wish they sold time machines already” moments. I look back on what actually drives me to really pay attention this time.

My Apprenticeship with The Crypto Garage

As you can see, this time around I’m doing a bit more than just paying attention. This time, I will have the guidance of The Crypto Garage to show me the ins and outs of the Crypto world. How to ultimately find the path pointing me in the direction of success in Crypto as the very first Apprentice of The Crypto Garage.

Listen, I am as basic as you can get with my knowledge of Cryptocurrency. This is week 5 I think of my learning about Crypto. So far what I’ve learned is that there is a lot to learn!

What will follow in this series will be a weekly, documented journey from the bare basics of Cryptocurrency to a proficient user of Cryptocurrency. Gaining a solid understanding of how to buy, sell, trade, earn, and use cryptocurrency. As I learn about each topic I will provide posts explaining it in detail. So, If you are also an absolute beginner like I am, this series should prove to be a useful guide to many things along your own crypto journey.

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Where I’m Now

I’m going to briefly detail what I have learned up to this point. The reason I got into cryptocurrency was that I was looking for ways to earn money online through writing. I ended up finding a site called I put up a few articles and earned enough to cash out in a few days. My problem, I had no wallet to send to.

A wallet

My first order of business was to secure a Cryptocurrency wallet. After some research, I decided on downloading Metamask, I also opened an account with This was because, for certain tokens on the site, you have a lower withdrawal min. if you send them to

Both were easy to set up. MetaMask is cool, it’s nice that it’s so easy to access through my browser whenever I want to review it or need the address. After hearing stories of people losing tens of millions of dollars because they lost the computer the wallet was on and the codes to go with it, I made sure to write down everything and I kept all my notes in a plastic bag to protect them from moisture. I have done that with everything I have encountered where I gained a balance of Cryptocurrency on. Better to be safe than sorry and I personally don’t trust this computer.

Earning Crypto

So far, my only knowledge is in collecting small bits of cryptocurrency through faucets, airdrops, and any other means I can locate. It’s not hard to find sites that will reward you with free Cryptocurrency just for surfing an ad or viewing a webpage. I even found a few sites to place ads on my own sites and get paid in Bitcoin for page views, I love that! If you utilize multiple sites like this at once and focus them all on one token or coin, that balance will add up quickly.


I’ll end with something I’m going to bring up in the next post. It’s a question that I actually answered before I was asked by the shop owner of The Crypto Garage. It’s a question he asks everyone who asks him to show them about Cryptocurrency. “Why? What is your purpose for getting involved with Cryptocurrency?” This will dictate your educational needs. Obviously, if you just want to know how to buy some Bitcoin and forget about it for ten years, you really don’t need to know how to mint an NFT.

I have two reasons for my journey, one is short-term and one is long-term, both are family-related. The first is being able to afford flights for my wife, myself, and our son to Hawai’i where she is from to visit her ageing grandmother that she hasn’t seen in 3 years and who hasn’t seen her great-grandson yet. My long-term goal is to acquire what I can with the skills and time I have available and hold it for some years in the hopes of a more secure financial future for my family because we were wise and saved a nice nest egg we built years ago.

Next Time!

In my next post, I’ll be going back to square one, literally, to the history of Cryptocurrency. It is something I’ll admit I’m nowhere near an expert on so it will be a good review for us all. I’m also going to delve into some common crypto terms I come across that had me scratching my head. I’ll explain them in detail in the hopes it will save you some head-scratching of your own. Think of it as a basic glossary of Cryptocurrency terms.

Until next time, Stay safe, and don’t forget to follow The Crypto Garage!

~Apprentice Justin