Garage Update – Q4 2023


Where did time go? It feels like only a few weeks ago we gave the previous update… However, that was September so this one is a wrap-up for Q4 – 2023. Again we provide an apology to you, it has taken more time to get ourselves in a good position ready to release version 2.0 of TheCryptoGarage (TCG)

But with that said we are now days away from doing just that! Trust us the wait will be worth it TCG V2.0 has a long roadmap packed full of exciting features which will help you in your journey!

So this is where we are!

progress (TCG)

Progress has certainly been made in recent months. We are now just days away from going live and will announce the date very shortly. We are just putting the finishing touches on the cake and we will reveal!

As mentioned previously in our updates, we are concentrating firstly on node research. When we go live we will have a brand new node research page to kick things off. We aim to have the largest collection of nodes listed on the web for you! This provides us with the foundations to gain your feedback and provide additional features.

We have also started discussions with other projects in collaboration to bring you some features we are already working on. The plan for going live is as follows:

  • Final development completed
  • Go live date announced
  • Go live!
  • User Feedback
  • NFT reward for early adopters and those that provide feedback
  • Identify and detail features to be developed based on initial user feedback

There will be an option to opt in as an early adopter and continue to provide feedback in which you will be rewarded. Read more on rewards below.

NFT Reward (TCG)

We have eluded to the reward of an NFT for user feedback already and this plan has in no way changed.

Those who will be considered early adopters and provide feedback will be rewarded with the next NFT in the Journey Collection. The exact process will be announced once the website is live and to keep it fair for all those involved the reward will be limited to a certain number.