Earn BAT Crypto with Brave browser & BTC with the CoinCorner plugin

Everyone wants more Crypto, and BTC don’t they? At the time of writing this post, we were definitely seeing new highs with many assets. Some say we are still the early adopters and maybe they’re right, we hope they are! These new highs may leave you feeling like you have missed the boat, but there are many ways in which you can earn crypto. Actually, you can even earn a passive income of crypto completely for free and this is exactly what this post covers. Earn BAT & BTC when you browse and purchase online.

A match made in heaven!

OK, some might not go that far, but give us a moment before you judge… we are going to marry up two of our favourite passive crypto earning offers right now! So what if you could earn only by browsing? Enter Brave browser, and marry that up with a plugin that doesn’t give you cash back on your online purchases, but gives it back in Bitcoin. We say Boom! to that and it’s pretty exciting watching your crypto earnings increase, especially when you’re having to do no more than your standard online browsing and online shopping. Not just Boom! but Awesome!

Brave Browser – Earn BAT

Brave-Browser-Screenshot-TheCryptoGarage.com (TCG)

There are many advantages to using Brave over traditional browsers such as Edge, Chrome and Firefox. We’re going to shout some of these out here, but would encourage you to visit the brave.com site where you can read about it in full including how to download the browser.

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Brave Rewards

You will be rewarded in the crypto known as BAT for browsing and viewing ads that you can control. One of the main advantages of using this browser is that you can watch your earnings in crypto increase as you use it. This is on the flip side of using Chrome for example where they collect your data, now you’re paid for your activity! You can read more concerning Brave rewards on their site.

Tip websites

When you come across online content which you have found useful or valuable to you, you can tip the creator with BAT through Brave. The domain needs to be a Brave Verified Creator which it will tell you within the browser. This is a great way to show appreciation to those creating content you find useful.

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Privacy & Speed

Brave will block the many websites which wish to collect data and track your usage over the web. This ultimately means you download less and can surf faster! Tor is also available right inside the browser for true ‘Private browsing’

The Brave browser has a lot to offer and much more than what has been detailed in this post. The fact that Brave already has 20 million users and is ever-increasing gives you an idea of how Brave is turning the time on old and traditional data-grabbing browsers. We can’t speak highly enough of this browser and highly recommend that you read what it has to offer you on its site.

The main purpose of this post was to cover how to earn a passive income. This comes from the offering of Brave Rewards. As mentioned you’re going to be paid for your normal day-to-day web usage and to view ads that you can control. This will bring in a passive income in BAT given that you’re not doing anything more to earn this aside from downloading the browser. But now your day-to-day web surfing activity will reward you.

CoinCorner – Earn BTC

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We have mentioned CoinCorner previously as an option on our earn page. CoinCorner not only offers cashback, or crypto back as we like to refer to it but also offers buying, selling and the option to purchase gift cards in crypto. Our main reason for its showcase in this post is to earn crypto (BTC) back when you spend.

Much like the old traditional ‘cash back’ earning schemes you see where you are rewarded in old-school money, CoinCorner rewards you in Bitcoin. There are many companies available to earn through. As an example we can see that B&Q offers 1.6% back in bitcoin, so when you buy that paint for the living room you’re going to get some bitcoin back for that purchase. You may be surprised to see that a company you normally purchase from could be earning you Bitcoin.

You can search for a company to see if it provides crypto back and follow the link via the website, however, the easiest option, and to make this passive, is to download the extension for your browser. Support is offered for major browsers however we’re only interested in Brave here as it’s going to provide the double earning we get excited about.

CoinCorner-Plugin-TheCryptoGarage.com (TCG)

Install the Plugin

This is amazingly easy, once you have installed the Brave browser, sign up and visit the CoinCorner site. Under ‘earn’ you will notice they advertise ‘Download our Extension.’ Click on the Brave icon and it will take you to the Chrome store. Next hit ‘Add to Brave’

So there is one more step to this, but again it’s very simple. You will need to provide your account key to the plugin which it will ask for after you install it. Back to CoinCorner, on the top right, it will display your name with a pull-down arrow. Click on this pull-down arrow and select settings, on the settings page go to the ‘CashBack Key’ tab where it will then display your key. Copy and paste this into your plugin.

Get Earning!

Now you have the Brave Browser you’re going to earn while you surf and receive ads that you’re in control of. When you visit sites that are supported by CoinCorner to receive Bitcoin back, the plugin will simply pop up and tell you. Opt to ‘Activate’ when it informs you, and you will receive back in Bitcoin if you make a successful purchase with that company.

A key point in this summary is just trying it out! Brave offers many features in their browser but it feels particularly good to see your rewards going up and earning crypto!

CoinCorner is for UK purchases, however, for those in the US, you can use Lolli which also offers a plugin.