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We all love to read, it gives us the knowledge we need in order to be able to keep walking through life! learning the knowledge that we need to help us grow and get to where we want to be. For ages, humans have been reading and writing, early on we were drawing but something was always missing. That has now become possible for everyone no matter if you are the one reading or the one writing, and that is compensation.

Blog, Read and Earn Crypto (TCG) is what is called a crypto-agnostic platform. This means that they do not use their own tokens but they reward their readers and authors with popular tokens. Currently, both readers and authors are rewarded with Ampleforth ($AMPL), and Harvest.Finance ($iFARM) when tipping or when being tipped. ETH is used however, the only way you can earn it is by winning a prize in one of the many contests help on the website sponsored by different crypto projects.

“I don’t expect you to believe this, but just try it and see… we supply the crypto ;)”

It’s true, all of the tips that you earn as a reader or as an author come from a pool of tokens provided by This means that you can start earning crypto as soon as you register and make your first tip. Think of it as having a new job where you get to decide who deserves more of a share of someone else’s money, you or the author.

It’s really simple to send tips. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a box with a slider where you can select the percentage of tip you are going to give and receive. Just decide what percent you wish to give the author and click (TCG)
As soon as you give a tip, your share shows up in your account.

3 different ways to earn with (TCG)

Earn Crypto by reading.

At Publish0x, you can earn crypto simply by reading articles produced by its members on topics that range from cryptocurrency to house cats. It really is endless the different amount of topics there are to read about. Check out the image below and you’ll see there is content for every interest. (TCG)

As you can see, while publish0x is powered by cryptocurrency it’s not only about cryptocurrency so users with any kind of interest will be able to find the content to read here of interest. (TCG)

Earn Crypto by Blogging

If you love to write Publish0x has a simple process to become an author that will have you publishing content shortly after you submit the simple form. Being approved isn’t hard, just be honest when they ask what you’ll be writing about, and if you have any links to any past articles you’ve published it’s helpful, but not at all required to be approved. Once approved, you’ll receive an email letting you know you’ve been approved and you can then return to your dashboard to see new author-only features. (TCG)

It’s really not hard to find something to write about on Publish0x. You are limited only by your imagination and if you still have writer’s block, making a post based just on a few photos from last weekend works great too.

Once you’ve made a post you will be able to see it in your dashboard. There you will have access to pretty detailed statistics about your post like views, likes, dislikes, and earnings along with some general publishing data. (TCG)

Once you hit publish you’ll notice that within a short amount of time, you’ll see views start to climb. This is because Publish0x doesn’t control the visibility of any one account. Rather posts in their given topic tags are sorted by the newest first giving everyone their time in front of the user base using that topic tag, or looking in the “New” section on, which can be a lot of people. Publish0x has one of the largest and most active user bases in terms of people online ready to read your newest article and give you a tip. (TCG)

Requesting payment is really easy. However, you will need to make an account with if you want to cash out Ample or ETH sooner as the min is only $0.50. Currently as stated above, you can only earn iFarm and Amplefourth from tipping. The only way you can earn ETH is by winning a prize in one of the many writing/photo contests they hold each month. (TCG) (TCG)

Earn Crypto by Sharing Articles.

Publish0x has a third simple method of earning crypto. Their Ambassador program will pay you 5% of all the tips that are earned by the users you bring in with your referral link. In all honesty, you don’t even need to read or write anything on the site to start earning cryptocurrency. You could simply just start promoting the articles you find by attaching your personal referral code to the end of ANY Publish0x page. Remember, there are tons and tons of topics to find articles on to share with any number of relevant groups.

Within the affiliate dashboard, there are Upcoming leaderboards and competitions for the most active ambassadors. Being an ambassador also will get you access to (upcoming after beta) paid/bountied articles first. You’ll also find in the affiliate dashboard banner ads and website widgets. (TCG) (TCG) (TCG)

Does Publish0x actually Payout?

Yes, Publish0x is legit and does pay, sometimes sooner than they say directly to your cryptocurrency wallet. Their support is also on the ball and gets back to you quickly and professionally. (TCG) (TCG)

So, to recap:

  • Publish0x doesn’t have its own coin and is crypto-agnostic.
  • When tipping, both the author and reader earn. Tips are free for both the author and reader and come from the Publish0x rewards pool.
  • Publish0x is not trying to become a social network. It is a publishing platform open to select approved authors. The Focus of Publish0x is on quality content.
  • Publisher0x offers you a great affiliate program.