Apprentice Justin – A Crypto Learning Adventure.

Hey, welcome back to the Apprentice Justin series on In the previous Apprentice Justin posts, I started with the history of cryptocurrency. I talked about the very first examples of cryptocurrency and how they lead to the creation of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto. Then I explained how the Bitcoin protocol gave rise to hundreds of new blockchain ideas like Ethereum and how we now use blockchain technology in our daily lives, and not just for cryptocurrency. I also explained what smart contracts are, how smart contracts work, and how to buy, sell, and earn your own cryptocurrency as well as how to create your own NFTs. (TCG)

When I started this series, I had only been involved in Cryptocurrency for about a week. I hadn’t even created a wallet yet. Throughout the series, I’ve been able to gain a solid understanding of cryptocurrency and I hope that the series helped to give you the same understanding.

This is the final post in the series as I have thoroughly learned the basic ins and outs of cryptocurrency. From learning about the very earliest history to how to earn, save, and spend cryptocurrency. This series was meant to introduce newcomers to cryptocurrency from a newcomer’s perspective.

I’ve gone from having no knowledge of cryptocurrency to now having multiple wallets worth nearly $300, 3 NFT collections, and a debit card to spend it if I need to. I’ve also gained the knowledge of how to earn every day so I always have more tomorrow. I’d say I’m most definitely not a newcomer anymore, all thanks to The Crypto Garage!

Just because this series is ending doesn’t mean that the learning is over, not by any means. The crypto space is evolving by the hour so there is always something new to learn.

Continuing To Learn About Crypto

To continue my crypto learning journey, every day I utilize the following websites and I suggest you do as well. They will enlighten you on the vast world of crypto. I tend to follow areas that invite everyday users to submit content. You can learn a wealth of knowledge and find answers to many questions you will undoubtedly uncover by doing a few simple searches on these types of sites.

Keep up to date!

I also suggest joining in on the chats that many of the cryptocurrency websites you’ll come across offers to their users. They are filled with many helpful people but beware, never give anyone any personal information. These can be screenshots of your account or passcodes for wallets. Advice is all you need. A screenshot with your QR code in it will result in an empty wallet. I make it a point to never let anyone do anything for me. If I have a problem I research and learn how to fix it myself. There are a great many scammers out right now so, just a word of warning.

For awesome insights and a fun community, I follow and read daily The Crypto Garage’s Twitter account. Here you’ll find a consistent post schedule on all things crypto. The Crypto Garage covers a number of topics and shares a lot of valuable information and seasoned insights. It is a MUST to have in your feed. I made sure to set alerts so I don’t miss a post. website is also host to many great articles written to educate and explain the many different areas of cryptocurrency.


Another website I use on a daily basis is Publish0x. This is a user-submitted content website that has some very talented and knowledgeable users who post hundreds of articles every day on every aspect of cryptocurrency. Another reason I enjoy this site is that I also earn Cryptocurrency for creating content and when I tip a user after reading their content. The best part about that is It doesn’t cost me a thing. The tips come from a pool provided by the site itself so it is a win-win for the users.

When I think back, Publish0x has been a valuable place to find answers to many of the questions I have encountered. It seems like if I’m asking myself a question, someone there has written about it already.


Aside from website reading I also get daily news and tip-type emails from and Both of these also have a large database of educational material, articles, and ways to earn cryptocurrency while you learn about it. I constantly earn new crypto from these two sites just by answering five or six questions about a cryptocurrency they showed me a video or slideshow about.

Final Thoughts

These are still the early days of cryptocurrency. Thanks to Bitcoin it has helped to propel the world into a new frontier and those that have the knowledge will be the ones to benefit the most in this new space. Cryptocurrency has in a short period of time made a quick impact on my savings. No matter what I know that I can always earn crypto, and spend it at my grocery store if I want to.

I have been amazed at how quickly this new world of cryptocurrency is expanding. I thought the early days of the internet in the ’90s were something to witness, but this is just as impactful as the creation of the internet itself. It wasn’t long ago when cryptocurrency wasn’t even a word and now it’s becoming a household name known from one corner of the world to the other. With new countries adopting bitcoin and cryptocurrency as legal tender every day, it’s undeniable that cryptocurrency is not to be ignored so the more you know while it is still early in the space the better off you’ll be.